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Your Questions

There are many common questions about designing, installing & maintaining your landscape. 

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us. 


  • What is a self cleaning palm?
    It's a palm whose fronds will fall off when ready and don't need to be cut. This is especially nice as the palm grows tall

  • Why do my plants always die?
    Many factors could influence the health of your plants. Were the plants healthy when you bought them? Many home improvement stores water plants when they wilt, causing shock to the plants. They go from being very dry to wet and then back to dry again. Did you purchase the correct plant for the area? Is it full sun or shade, wet or dry area? Choosing the right plant can make all the difference in how your plants will grow.

  • I always have weeds in my beds, doesn't matter if I pull them or spray. What am I doing wrong?
    Weeds are a indicator of what's going on in the area. Dollar weed is probably the most known weed. You'll notice it looks like a little lily pad that you'd find in wet areas. If your area is shady & wet, try cutting back your irrigation so the area can dry up some. Other weeds should be sprayed as they can "throw" seeds if you pull them, which cause more weeds.

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